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We have global experience of HR and Organisational Development spanning 30 years and 22 countries. We have experienced different approaches and solutions, we understand the challenges posed by change and we have witnessed the impact and damage caused by disconnected teams.

This is why we have put re-connecting teams at the heart of our solution.

Whatever the business, and wherever in the world the organisation, leadership teams are made up of humans. Acknowledge, address and unpick the fears, barriers and behaviours of humans, you have a solution. Not just a quick fix solution, but one which will last, and crucially enable other leadership development activities to be more effective.

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond Connectivity Consulting
Our Director and Founder Mark has been an Organisational Development professional for over 20 years and holds an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of London at Birkbeck College.

He has a strong background in learning, leadership, talent and change and his strength is in facilitating behavioural and cultural change with leaders and their teams, to deliver and sustain a clear competitive advantage. Experience delivering a number of projects around the globe to transform teams and their performance, has helped him hone a strong commercial insight.

He has worked with large corporations around the world, across many diverse cultures, and he brings experience in a range of sectors from financial services to consumer electronics, and from professional services to media.

His talent is the ability to combine this experience with an understanding of occupational psychology, to take senior teams through a unique and powerful process which delivers outstanding commercial results.

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