Build better teams and reap the rewards

by | Oct 1, 2019

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Whilst we don’t know the impacts things like climate change will have on our businesses, we can help prepare our people by considering how to build better teams making them better able to handle change.

Whether your business is going through a merger, a restructure or a buy-out, when things are feeling unstable and unpredictable, strong leadership is important.

Strong leadership is about helping those around them prepare for the unexpected, help their teams face change head-on, and remove the fear of the unknown.

Make your team more resilient

As with so many behavioural goals, the answer lies within building a solid atmosphere of trust within the workplace.

When you invest time in creating an environment of mutual respect, individuals have the confidence to put forward new ideas, and the courage to be held accountable for their actions.

What all of this means is that your people will be more likely to ‘find a way out’ of any adverse situation they find themselves in, because they will be pooling their resources and doing it together.

The key to any business challenge

What all of this means really is that whether you’re facing financial pressures or expanding into new markets, the key to any business challenge is team building.

When you build better teams you will have a workforce that is ready to seize the opportunities that change presents will give you a significant competitive advantage.

What you need when the road ahead seems rocky, is a tailored programme which will get your people working together well, and quickly.

Get set up for success

The place to start is with observation. When we work with teams we will shadow you to see how your leaders and teams are operating, and identifying opportunities to improve.

We generally recommend a technique called ‘vulnerability exposure’ within our team building programmes, where your people use their life experiences to learn how to relate to each other.

This sharing of life experiences helps with trust development, as teams build empathy and understanding.

A positive mindset can flourish when colleagues gain the confidence to share ideas and ultimately gain the ability to innovate for your business.

When your people start working more as a team than as individuals, they’ll have more confidence taking responsibility. Within this environment successes and failures are shared and can be seen as opportunities for learning rather than punishment.

If your team is facing uncertainty and change, we can help, just get in touch.