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Enabling culture change with leaders and teams to sustain inclusion, innovation and high performance

There are no ordinary sets of problems. And this is no ordinary solution.


You may have taken your organisation and leaders through training, CPD, leadership coaching, even mentoring schemes.

But the long-term effectiveness of these will be limited if;

  • There’s dysfunction, discord, distrust and even dislike within the team
  • Individuals are facing personal barriers or difficult circumstances
  • The development has always been individual, not focused on the team working together as a whole

What we do isn’t easy, may not be comfortable and takes effort and buy-in.

But it gets long term, sustainable results.

We take a team, strip it down to its bare bones and rebuild it with self-awareness, trust, empathy and understanding.



By making the individuals within it vulnerable. By asking them to tell their stories – not their career stories, but their life stories. The history that makes them who they are, what they are and how they behave.

And if you’re the leader, it starts with you. You’ll need to lead by example by being authentic and open and provide the reassurance that it’s okay and right for your team to follow.

When you do this in safe, understanding group sessions, you will start the journey of rebuilding relationships, revitalising motivation and releasing creativity.

If people fear what others may think this limits their ability to put forward their best ideas.

And you need senior teams putting forward their best ideas – your competitive edge and possibly even survival depends on it.

When we change team dynamics, we change behaviour.

When we change behaviour, we change outcomes.

Not every team is ready for this


But we can help you decide if you are, contact us to arrange an initial 30 minute, no obligation consultation call.