Can you prepare for change when you don’t know what’s coming?

by | Sep 26, 2019

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We are living in times that threaten unprecedented change. With political chaos in the UK, it seems we should be preparing our people to cope with any eventuality.

But how can you prepare for change when you don’t know what you are preparing for?

At hugely unsettling times like these, it’s useful to look for something that is within your control and begin there.

Start with what you can control

As the perceived wisdom in psychology tells us, we can’t control a situation, but we can control our response to it.

So, what can we do to ensure that our response is optimum, given any set of circumstances?

Firstly, look to make your team as strong as possible. Regardless of their role within the organisation, everybody is going to be going through the same change– so we already have some common ground to start from.

Build a strong team

At Connectivity we use a vulnerability approach to help organisations with truly effective team building.

We work with you to get to know your team and your organisation and develop exercises that help your people connect on a deeper level and learn to really trust each other.

A vulnerability approach will help your team relate better to each other, using their personal histories and experiences to build better relationships.

Look for certainty

Whilst there may be many unknowns in a situation, there will always be some things that we do know.

For example, you might not be able to predict the political or economic conditions which could affect your business, but you still know what your organisation needs to achieve.

You still know what your targets are, or what your turnover needs to be, or what objectives you need to fulfil.

And if you can keep these things in mind, it can be like a life raft to cling to in stormy waters.

Know your strengths

Another important thing to do to prepare for change is to do a thorough analysis of your strengths, skills and capabilities.

If you know what you can do, and when you might need to ask for help, you can assess any situation that arises against this.

It can also allow you to start training programmes or recruit to make up any skills shortages.

Develop a knowledge network

As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. So we need to set ourselves up to be able to find out information quickly.

We should be empowering our people to ask questions, show initiative and stay informed as a matter of course, but it can also be useful to set up an information network.

Through playing out various scenarios you can identify stakeholders that can be useful to reach out and stay connected to, so that in times of change or crisis information can flow.

At Connectivity we can help you and your organisation with change management, just get in touch to find out how.