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Coaching to Enable High Performance - Connectivity

Coaching to Enable High Performance


This half day course is highly experiential, focused on understanding and practicing the skills and techniques of coaching that enable and sustain high performance behaviours which deliver business results.

Who should attend?

Coaching is a vital capability for enabling the behaviours of high performance within individuals and teams. If you are responsible for supporting the development and performance of others, either formally or informally, this course will help you enable their performance.

What will I learn?

By the end of this half day course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of a coach in enabling high performance behaviours
  • Understand coaching models to support effective and productive coaching
  • Practice and experience the skills of coaching for performance
  • Identifying and minimizing personal and unconscious bias when coaching
  • When and how to use coaching during performance related discussions
  • When and how to enable accountability and ownership through coaching
  • Building trust to enabling innovation

Do I need to prepare for the course?

As the course is highly experiential, delegates are asked to come prepared with examples of real issues they would like to explore.


What will it cover?

  • 1.

    What is coaching

    • What is coaching and when to use it effectively
    • What is the role of the manager as coach?
    • What is the role of colleague or peer as coach?
  • 2.

    Models of Coaching

    • Exploring different models of coaching
    • Understanding how to use the models
    • Structuring your coaching for effect
  • 3.

    Putting it into Practice

  • 4.

    Self-awareness and effective Coaching

    • What shows up when you coach for performance
    • Recognising it’s not always about you
    • Understanding how your bias shows up and reducing it
  • 5.

    Introducing coaching during performance management discussions

    • When coaching should be used during performance management discussions
    • How coaching can be used during performance management discussions 
  • 6.

    Understanding how to avoid being either the parent or a child

    • Transactional analysis in brief
    • How it shows up and what to notice
  • 7.

    Self-awareness, presence and authenticity

    • Showing up for others and leading by example
    • The link between EI, self-awareness and business performance.
  • 8.

    Your role in building accountability and ownership through coaching

    • What are high performance behaviours
    • When to enable high performance behaviours
    • How to enable and sustain high performance behaviours 
  • 9.

    The impact of coaching

    • What are you focused on achieving?
    • Coaching and shifting behaviour and culture
    • Coaching, innovation and business performance

    Build your capability and effectiveness

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