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Effective Goal Setting to Enable High Performance - Connectivity

Effective Goal Setting to Enable High Performance


This half day course is focused on helping develop this critical capability, from understanding the research, to writing SMART goals that ensure credibility, ownership and accountability for delivering results. In addition, the course explores how to review and evaluate goal achievement throughout the year, ensuring feedback and coaching opportunities are effectively utilised to ensure high levels of productivity.

Who should attend?

This half day course has been designed for those who want to develop their capability in setting and monitoring SMART goals to motivate high performance and achievement.

It will be particularly useful for team leaders and line managers who are interested in how to maximise delivery of business goals and ensure business success. This course would also be helpful for anyone else who wants to have effective SMART goals that will underpin their motivation and performance.

What will I learn?

By the end of this half day course, you will

  • Understand the foundations and theory of goal setting
  • Understand the link between goal setting and increased motivation and performance
  • Understand how to link company objectives to individual objectives
  • Understand what SMART goals are
  • Learn how to write effective goals using the SMART criteria
  • Learn how to evaluate how credible each goal is using the SMART criteria
  • Understand how best to monitor goal performance
  • Understand how to maintain motivation

Do I need to prepare for the course?

As the course is highly experiential, delegates are asked to bring either draft goals or existing goals with them, when attending the course.


What will it cover?

  • 1.

    Essential Theory of Goal Setting

    • It wasn’t HR but rather Locke & Latham.
    • What’s the evidence for increased motivation and performance?
  • 2.

    Cascading company objectives to inform individual objectives

    • What to consider and how to ensure a credible link.
    • Engaging and involving others to enable ownership and accountability
  • 3.

    Understanding the SMART acronym

    • The SMART acronym and criteria and how to use them effectively.
    • Goal credibility and ensuring motivation and performance.
    • Common mistakes to avoid
  • 4.

    Putting it into practice

  • 5.

    Evaluating SMART Goals

    Checking SMART goals and evaluating them for credibility.

  • 6.

    The Goal setting meeting

    • The key steps for an effective goal setting meeting
    • Aligning on the measures to evidence success
  • 7.

    Your strategy and plan for delivering your SMART goals

    • Goals, tasks and delivery
    • Plan the work and work the plan
    • How often is enough when reviewing progress
  • 8.

    Obtaining feedback on goal progress

    • How to obtain feedback on your goal progress
  • 9.

    Your brand and stakeholder management

    • Your goals, your reputation, your brand.


    Build your capability and effectiveness

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