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Effective Performance Reviews to Enable High Performance - Connectivity

Effective Performance Reviews to Enable High Performance


This half day course is highly experiential, focused on understanding and practicing the skills and techniques for having effective performance reviews, to enable high performance behaviours and sustain delivery of business results.

Who should attend?

Enabling effective performance reviews is a vital capability for enabling the behaviours of high performance within individuals and teams. If you are responsible for evaluating the performance of others, either formally or informally, this course will help you to enable high performance through effective performance reviews.

What will I learn?

By the end of this half day course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the business impact of effective performance reviews
  • Develop a strategy and approach to sustain effective performance reviews
  • Structure the performance review to enable ongoing trust and productivity
  • Evaluate and agree goal achievement objectively
  • Know how to discuss areas that need attention and focus
  • Clarify the performance standard achieved
  • Build accountability and ownership for moving forward

What will it cover?

  • 1.

    Change, the business context and why performance reviews are still relevant

    • Constant change and the need for goal relevance
    • SMART goals, motivation, increased performance and the critical need for feedback
  • 2.

    The link to agility, resilience and high-performance behaviours

    • The need for context, beyond a silo mentality and approach
    • The link between context, agility and resilience
  • 3.

    You get what you give

    • Frequency, quality and focus of your performance strategy
    • What are the minimum performance standards?
    • Who are the owners of the process?
  • 4.

    How to structure the performance review meeting

    • How to set up the meeting and what to include
    • Whose review is it anyway?
    • The virtual challenge
  • 5.

    Time to show up

    • Ensuring you are present, authentic and listening
    • Body language, tone of voice and choice of words
  • 6.

    What is being measured?

    • Goal relevance and credibility
    • Objectively reviewing the performance to date
  • 7.

    Discussing areas that need attention and focus

    • Understanding issues, challenges and under delivery
    • Recognising achievements and progress
  • 8.

    Agreeing what has been delivered and what that means

    • Building agreement on the performance standard delivered to date
    • Agreeing a rating
    • Identifying next steps and key areas of focus
  • 9.

    Tools, methods and process

    • What you can both use to manage, track and monitor performance
    • Evidence and feedback are key


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