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Giving & Receiving Constructive Verbal Feedback - Connectivity

Giving & Receiving Constructive Verbal Feedback


This half day course is highly experiential, focused on giving you the core skills to confidently deliver and receive constructive verbal feedback.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is likely to give constructive verbal feedback as part of their work.

What will I learn?

By the end of this half day course, you will be able to:

  • Define what is constructive verbal feedback and when to use it.
  • Deliver constructive verbal feedback when appropriate.
  • Enable trust and respect using a 5-step process.
  • Receive constructive verbal feedback.
  • Enhance performance, effectiveness and relationships.

Do I need to prepare for the course?

As the course is highly experiential, delegates are asked to bring two ‘live’ scenarios they would like to practice for use back in the workplace.


What will it cover?

  • 1.

    Understanding the context

    • What’s the business case for feedback?
    • What’s the cost of not doing it?
    • What are the benefits?
  • 2.

    Start with the end in mind

    • What is the real issue?
    • What outcome do you need to achieve?
    • Is constructive verbal feedback appropriate?
  • 3.

    The 5-step process

    • Timing, preparation and evidence.
    • The 5-step process.
  • 4.

    Putting it into practice

  • 5.

    Maintaining the relationship is key to productivity?

    • Appreciating the role of trust and respect.
    • Understanding how you react?
    • Techniques to manage your ‘triggers’.
  • 6.

    Clarifying the performance standard

    • Recognising unconscious bias.
    • What is the performance needed and the behaviours required?
    • Engaging ownership, agreeing what needs to be done.
  • 7.

    Putting it into practice

  • 8.

    Receiving constructive verbal feedback

    • Leading by example, walking the talk.
    • Listening to build trust and respect.
    • Using the five-step process to build awareness and understanding.
    • Taking ownership, committing to collaborate.
  • 9.

    Putting it into practice


The broader picture

When things don’t go to plan • When to involve others • Culture, engagement, leadership, bottom line impact.

Build your capability and effectiveness

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