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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions, or for more information book in a 30 minute call.

What type of companies can you help?

Our process has achieved incredible results for medium to large sized corporates, often operating globally with a turnover of £20m plus and employees from a hundred up to the many thousands.

If you are a smaller business however, our transformation leadership process may also be of benefit, so do book in a consultation and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Do you only work with teams?

Our success in facilitating culture change for teams is based on our extensive corporate experience in Occupational Psychology. We work across motivation, engagement, inclusion, leadership, talent and performance improvement. We regularly work with our clients to sustain their culture change initiatives by consulting in these areas.

In addition, we do also facilitate behaviour change for individuals, supporting behaviour transformation, performance improvement and leadership development using 360 feedback behaviour profiles.

So yes, as teams are made up of people and with our focus as OD specialists we are able to offer other services. Book in a consultation to find out more.

What results can I expect?

What you can expect is real results. This will include the elimination of a dysfunctional or toxic culture, increased inclusion, a senior team able to trust each other and offer creative and innovative solutions and a more resilient, agile, competitive and high performing business.

In addition, our clients see improved employee engagement and motivation, and leaders we work with find themselves able to focus on business strategy and vision, confident in stepping away from the detail due to the support of a united, focused and accountable senior team.

Does this process work for everyone?

Our process is highly effective, but it is so because it involves full engagement and buy-in from leaders and senior leadership teams. It is not easy, or a magic solution. It is a journey, which makes individuals vulnerable in order to build connectivity and trust.

In short, if there is an unwillingness to be open, to listen, to become vulnerable and ultimately to change and engage, then results will be limited. The consultation process is designed to assess whether you and your team are ready, and you can expect honesty from us around expected outcomes.

What can we expect from the process?

Our process starts with observation and diagnostics and a transformation of culture and relationships over the course of weeks, led and supported by our expert team.

Exact timescales and format will vary depending on the needs of your team and context of your business.

Our process is best explained here.

How is what you do different from Executive Coaching Programmes?

Our Director has spent over 20 years working with senior teams in large global corporates, and it is this experience which has led to a finely tuned, experiential process. Having observed many dysfunctional teams, cultures and businesses not fulfilling their performance potential, it is clear to us that a lack of trust lies at the heart of the problem.

Fixing a lack of trust can be done, but it is a challenging journey and needs everyone involved to engage and be willing to be authentic. When the process is followed and the individuals become vulnerable, a sustainable shift can and does take place, towards empathy and trust, enabling issues to be honestly, properly and permanently addressed.

It is not a quick, easy fix, nor is it always comfortable. But it is effective and for many businesses, especially in the current economic climate, it could be the different between failure or survival and success.

How do I get started?

You can book a free 30 minute discovery consultation, where we will talk about your business and leadership team and assess how and if we can help.