Outcomes are critical but not as much as the journey

by | Oct 24, 2018

informal team communication in meeting
In business, outcomes are critical – reaching a designated goal in a designated time frame.

Sometimes our success can ride on one specific outcome.  But keep in mind the “Outcome” is only your end game.

You gotta travel there first.

If we focus too much on the end game, we can weaken the path that gets us there.  “Outcome” is critical – but so too is a healthy dose of “Process”.

Not process on a flow chart…

Your inner process.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what I mean:

Outcome speak

  • Drive
  • Push through
  • Sell in
  • I need
  • Make my flight
  • Deliver
  • Influence my stakeholders
  • I must
  • Stress
  • You should
  • Project time
  • Go
  • Busy
  • Times up

Process speak

  • Pause
  • Hear
  • Benefits
  • Insight
  • Notice
  • Courage
  • Feel
  • Sustained
  • Dependent
  • Listen
  • Take in
  • Reflect
  • Question
  • Connect

Process on first glance would seem to slow us down, be the very opposite of getting to our goal quickly and efficiently.

But without a solid commitment to “Process” we can easily be driven into manic territory.

Darker corners that involve underhand politics, poor decisions, desperation to hit that quarterly target, lack of awareness and dysfunctional and broken team play.

Not so helpful for our end game.

To achieve consistently successful outcomes you need a consistently successful process.

Processing and being in the moment, allowing time and space for healthy thought and interaction keeps us on track to hit that end game high.

Understanding your inner process is not psychobabble…

Quite the opposite…it is a healthy, mature and necessary skill which is absolutely essential for you to achieve your end goal.