Taming Tasks & Amassing Missions

by | Oct 31, 2018

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From one thing and onto the next.

If I get there faster and do it quicker then I can finally kick back a bit and breathe.

Phew – first tasks done, boxes ticked.

In fact – now I’ve caught up a bit I can even get to my next meeting faster.

Ooh unexpected, incoming call.

BUT – If I take this now – that’ll speed up my 4pm.

Bliss is on the way!

 “Hello.  Yep, yes, Roger Wilko.  It’s in the bag peeps”.

Boom! I’m hanging up.

I’m wound up but I moved through that one fast.

It’s the 4pm.  I’m at the table.  I’m tapping, I’m waiting, and I’m off – saying my bit.

Sewing it up.

We’re over and out.  Information dump but I’m 15 minutes ahead.  I’ll take a good breather later.  Really put my feet up. Take some time for me.

Next call….

And so I go, around and around. Taming tasks & amassing missions.

I get home fall into bed and think, I never did get that breather.  I’m just so damn busy all the time!!!

Bull**** alert!

The truth….

Today you chose not to take that opportunity.

The simple fact is that today your “busy” could well have been self-inflicted.

Tomorrow, I will show myself a little more consideration you say…

Notice your process, notice your patterns…

Is ‘busy‘ a mantra, actually slowing you down!