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What we do - Connectivity | Behavior Change & Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage: We are all human.

Our unique approach allows participants to explore their vulnerabilities in order to build greater trust, respect and empathy. This promotion of behavior change gives them permission to be human. To try things that might fail. To admit that we don’t always know the answer in order to find better solutions.

Our work is experiential. It involves building self-awareness and focuses on the real world and business context. This ensures a sustained behavior change to team dynamics which gives you the competitive advantage.

Additionally, we work with participants’ lives, experiences and personal stories. This builds self-awareness and connects individuals across the team in a deep, powerful and sustained way.

This commitment to dropping our professional masks enables empathy, trust and understanding to form. As this behavior change is experienced, issues that limited effectiveness within the team can be surfaced and dealt with, being replaced with more effective, engaged and trusting behaviours.

Furthermore, within this healthy environment, individuals feel safer to take risks and to behave less defensively allowing everyone to experience what it feels like to be more effective. This ultimately leads to teams that have the freedom to be creative, innovative and highly productive, giving your business the competitive advantage.

Our work with your team will move through each of the following broad stages.

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  • Observation/Diagnosis


  • Connectivity


  • Dysfunctions


  • Commitment


  • Accountability


  • Outcomes