What’s your Mantra?

by | Oct 17, 2018

businessman at desk
Have you noticed how you speak to yourself and how that may be limiting you.

For example, here are a few sentences that may help clarify what I mean.

 …I’m so awkward when I meet new people.

… I hate reading.  

… Numbers are not my strong point.

… Relationships never work out for me.

… I’m terrible at speaking in public.

Whether you have noticed it or not, sentences like these can very easily become our mantras.

We roll them out over and over whenever a familiar situation calls for them, normally a situation with a perceived dose of discomfort.

Leadership: We need a volunteer to speak at the town hall from our team.

Mantra: I’m terrible at speaking in public, not a chance is my hand going up!

They slide out by rote because we have come to believe that this is just who we are.

But is it… Is it really?

These everyday sentences can hold us back from getting the most from new experiences, from personal growth and from reaching our full potential.

Achieving your potential is never really going to done on a training course. It is more likely to start happening when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Maybe in the past, you have been terrible at speaking in public – but what about now and into your distant future?

Are you really destined to forever and ever and ever be haplessly, terribly, horrendous in every situation that calls for you to speak in public?

Could you not have even a tiny sparkle of success at least once if you gave it a really good try?

Redefine your comfort zone and you will notice the experience was nowhere near as bad as you may have initially believed.

Get my drift?

So, is your mantra helping or hindering your potential?