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Why us - Connectivity

We have over 30 years’ experience in Human Resources & Organisational Development.

We have delivered successful projects with large corporate organisations in over 22 countries.

We founded Connectivity because we believe that using trust connects teams, resolves dysfunctional behaviour and establishes exceptional performance.

We want to improve trust within working cultures because we believe it is key to sustaining high levels of employee engagement, and that high employee engagement leads to exceptional performance.

When we work with your people to build trust, we enable new ways of working that drive innovation and business growth.

Our diverse team of qualified professionals offer bespoke development programmes that will help you and your people work more effectively to gain maximum competitive advantage for your business.

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Highly Effective Change Initiatives

“Mark listens to our issues and translates them into highly effective change initiatives. His work with us has had a profound and positive impact on our business culture.

“He gives us the tough love we need to identify and address our issues, then holds us accountable to making a switch.

We live and work in a multicultural environment with at least 10 different nationalities on our team. Mark’s background as a global citizen means that he’s at ease with all of us and his approach is nuanced and pitched just right”

Amanda, Vice President & General Manager – MEA

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